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Naturalium & World Vision

At Naturalium We allocate part of the profits to the NGO World Vision.

World Vision is a nonprofit organization working in development, humanitarian assistance and promotion of justice, with special emphasis on children. The aim of the work of the organization is to ensure the welfare of children through community development programs.

World Vision Spain conducts development projects in Mali, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Guatemala and Bolivia, and is also one of the major aid and emergency agencies internationally.

Projects with World Vision

In 2006, World Vision International Foundation began providin aid to Zimbabwe with the Mabhikwa Area Development Program (PDA); PDAs are multisectoral and long-term programs, lasting between 15 and 20 years and are mainly funded by private donors around the Spanish state. Through the PDA Mabhikwa support to the municipalities of Matshiya ( five communities), St Paul (7 communities) and Malunku (6 communities) Lupane District in Matabeleland North Province (Zimbabwe)is provided.

So far PDA Mabhikwa activities have focused mainly on strengthening the communities capacities. Along with community and government representatives in the area, made an effort to prioritize the important needs of the population: food security, access to clean water and health were established as the most urgent.


Mabhikwa area (province of Matabeleland North) is predominantly dry and the rainy season is usually quite short, from November to March, months coinciding with the summer season in Zimbabwe. This means that approximately during eight months, no rainfall, so most wells run dry during this time. The main economic activities of the region are agriculture and animal husbandry activities that heavily depend on water availability.

The contributions of Beauty Emotions with Naturalium, organization, contribute to the construction of wells in order to facilitate public access to potable water, especially in the dry season and to meet the needs of agricultural activities and livestock area, main livelihoods, ensure food security of the people of the region.

In turn, from Beauty Emotions we have worked with World Vision by donating Naturalium products distributed in solidarity packs through soup kitchens of the organization.